5th week of PrePro

The Choir Girl Production Team are Into the 5th week of Pre-Production and the pace is picking up tremendously, the pressure of knowing we go to camera in a little over two weeks is building and we are scrambling to make sure we’re on top of everything. Inevitably, things will be missed but we know this small team of ours is pretty amazing and will be able to deal with whatever problems arise during the shoot.

Our week started on a high with two more of our main cast members confirmed and we are so amazed to see the collection of talented actors we have brought together on this project. Our main cast now comprises of Peter Flaherty as Eugene, Krista Vendy as Polly, Kym Valentine as Caroline, Sarah Timm as Josephine, Andy McPhee as Mick, Roger Ward as Eugene’s Father William and Lee Mason as Julius. We are in the process of finalising our last cast member who plays the antagonist in the film but we’re super excited to hopefully be announcing that next week! A stellar cast to say the least and we all feel pretty luck to have them involved in our little Indie production and we can’t wait to see them become the characters and bring this film to life.

Choir Girl Cast

Choir Girl Cast

The more challenging side this week was with our shooting schedule, which is riddled with public holidays and a few other obstacles such as location availability, character changes throughout the story and an intricate timeline to deal with, which makes putting together our schedule quite a difficult task, a challenge taken on by our 1st AD (Assistant Director), Serena Hunt, who flew down from Sydney this week for one of our first heads of department meetings. It was a great chance for most of the crew to meet each other and see who they will be working with over the 5 week period we’ll be shooting. Production meetings are great and a much needed part of any production, they give the production team the chance to draw on the experience of all department heads and collaborate to ensure that all aspects of the production are covered as much as possible and to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Crew meeting @Acopa - Photo Credit Sarah Jayne

Crew meeting @Acopa - Photo Credit Sarah Jayne

Next week kicks off our first round of rehearsals with some of our cast, ensuring all the paperwork needed on set is done, doing letter drops into the neighbourhoods where we will be shooting our exteriors and on location scenes and spending our last week in the office in St Kilda before moving into Docklands! We're all getting pretty excited!

Stay tuned!!"

1st week of PrePro

What an awesome first week of Pre-Production on Choir Girl so far!! 

We started our week with an amazing day of auditions with ACOPA Studio providing the space and our Casting Manager Bridget Bordello providing the amazing talent.

Our main cast members Krista Vendy (Polly) and Peter Flaherty (Eugene) joined us for the readings, along with Co-Producer Lucinda Bruce, taking the readings to another level, we had a lot of fun and Director, Michael Wormald, and Producer, Ivan Malekin, along with the rest of the team can't wait to announce the rest of our cast.

Snap of Michael Wormald - writer / director of @Choir Girl   Photo Credit Daniela Ercoli

Snap of Michael Wormald - writer / director of @Choir Girl 

Photo Credit Daniela Ercoli

Our 3rd day of PrePro finds us in a production meeting with our Director, Production Designer, Art Director, Producers and our "in film photos” Film Photographer and then heading to Dockland Studios in the afternoon to check out a potential space for building our sets. We’re all excited about the project and can’t wait to share our progress and end product with everyone!!

Written by: Dani Ercoli & Lucinda Bruce

Production Meeting means a crowed NPG (Nexus Production Group) Office.

Production Meeting means a crowed NPG (Nexus Production Group) Office.