2nd week of Pre-Pro

As we head into our second week of Pre-Production, we've spent most of the week scouring the streets, alleyways, train stations and old hidden buildings of Melbourne to find the perfect locations for our film.  With our key production team composing of our Director, DOP, Production Designer, 3 Producers and several cameras tagging along, our first stop was an old section of a hospital that forms part of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, it has been used for some notable Films and TV series such as Alien, Dr. Blake Mysteries and several more. The remnants of a bygone era remain throughout the hallways and rooms of this beautiful building and we're excited to be filming at this particular location.

Corridor at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville   Photo Credit Lucinda Bruce

Corridor at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville 

Photo Credit Lucinda Bruce

With the Director and DOP brimming with excitement from this first scout, we moved on through the traffic-jammed streets of Melbourne to the eclectic mixture of old vs new that makes up Kensington and Flemington. Checking out the commission flats that sit next to the heritage houses whose value sits in the millions, we were sure our lead Character, Eugene, would find his home here among the clash and ruin of poor vs rich. Where one street over means the difference between clean streets or syringes in the gutter. Reality slapped us in the face as we entered some of the areas where the poorest people live. Rubbish lined the streets, broken windows lined the buildings, cats howling for food and dirty piles of junk left for someone else to clean up. The location is perfect for what we need but it certainly brings the mood down a little so we headed off to our next location - Racecourse Train Station in Flemington, if ever there is a contrast of poor to rich, this is it. Flemington Racecourse is known around the world for hosting the Melbourne Cup, Australia's most famous horse race. The Train station itself is only open on race days which makes it an easy location for us to control during filming and sometimes this is what a location decision can come down to. As we heard the rumbling of trains, we realised it was actually the rumbling of our stomachs and we decided to pop into the Racecourse Tavern for lunch.

Commission Flats in Kensington   Photo Credit Lucinda Bruce 

Commission Flats in Kensington 

Photo Credit Lucinda Bruce 

With our bellies full and our mood lifted we head back across the city in our convoy of three snappy and overheating cars towards Collingwood to explore another lot of Housing Commissions.Collingwood is known for its eclectic mix of fancy bars and hipster markets but it also has a hidden and tough reality, like most of Melbourne's inner suburbs, we captured its battle between beautiful elegant old heritage houses and brown brick factories covered with colourful and amazing graffiti. Running out of time though, we quickly move on to North Melbourne and ACOPA (Australian Centre Of Performance Arts) who have been super supportive of our film. Every time you go there it's like coming home, you feel the art and creativity flow through the beautiful exposed brick walls. The centre is run by a lovely couple who are always happy to help the arts in any way they can.

Our full day of location scouting ended in Northcote with an older house and another alleyway - so many locations to choose from and so many more to see, including the historic Pentridge Prison and some amazing luxurious apartments but we'll fill you in on that next time, until next week, that's a wrap!

Collingwood Station  Photo Credit Lucinda Bruce 

Collingwood Station

Photo Credit Lucinda Bruce 

Alleyway in Northcote   Photo Credit Lucinda Bruce 

Alleyway in Northcote 

Photo Credit Lucinda Bruce